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Do you provide trainings for CWP SWIIIT?

Yes, we provide training for CWP school customers free-of-charge. Training sessions are conducted monthly. To find out more details about the training sessions, and to register for a training session, click here

Forgot your password?

There is a Forget Password feature in the login page. Insert your Login ID and proceed to the resetting.
An email trigger will be sent to the email address assigned to the account.

*Note: If you did not receive an email, please kindly inform the Super Admin to access Site > Manage User to check that the following conditions are met
    • Email address assigned to the account is correct 
    • Account is not locked - refer to user guide for steps to unlock the account if required

How can I change account details when the account needs to be handed over?

If an account needs to be handed over to another personnel, the previous account owner will need to login to the system.
    1. Click on Site > Set Profile on the toolbar,
    2. Change the Phone number and Email address in the list of details,
    3. Click on Update.
Inform the new account owner to login with the account details to ensure that the One Time Password (OTP) is sent to the new owner's phone number.
*Note: if the previous account owner has left without handing over, the Super Admin can login, access Site > Manage User, and set the account details.

If the new account owner needs to change password, 
    1. Click on Site > Set Password on the toolbar,
    2. Insert the old and new password as requested,
    3. Click on Update.

How can I create a new account, and what are the prices?

Only the Super Admin is able to create a new account.

To create an account,
    1. Click on Site > Manage Users on the toolbar,
    2. Insert the required details,
    3. Click on Update changes
    4. An email will be sent to the email address provided

Refer to Manage Users segment in the user guide, which can be downloaded at the end of this FAQ page. 
For up-to-date prices, please kindly email  sales@xtremax.com .

Why are the changes are not displayed to the public even after I have saved the changes?

After the changes are saved, there is an hourly recache for the caching server to display the changes for public viewing. Please visit the pages again after an hour.

CWP Forme: Forms Creation and Management Portal

CWP has created a portal where schools can create forms that require classified information. To determine which details are considered classified, please check with the assigned ITC for the school with regards to the guidelines that ITB has.

Each school will have separate login details which are different from the CMS login. The Forme login details are managed by the hosting vendor.
Click on the following to navigate to the portal: CWP Forme Login

For the credentials of the account, if you do not have an account, please click on Register to register an account within the portal.
For assistance, please kindly email the CWP Service Desk with the email provided at the bottom of the portal page.

How can I access page visit statistics?

If the admin requires statistics on page visits or page count, we recommend the use of Google Analytics. 

To set up,
    1. Login to the website,
    2. Click on Site > Settings on the toolbar,
    3. Paste the tracking ID generated via your Analytics account to the Tracking ID segment,
    4. Click on Update to save the changes. 

To find out how to get your tracking ID, click here.

Download User Guide

Download CWP SWIIIT User Guide

Download CWP SWIIIT User Guide