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Built a simple website using the basic yet awesome features of Swiiit!
These are the highlights you can find in Swiiit.

The all-in-one Toolbar for easy editing/ building

Swiiit’s all-in-one Toolbar gives you better flexibility in creating stunning webpages.


State-of-the-art direct editing

Editing your website has been made intuitive for you.

Point-and-type to create text.


Drag-and-drop to insert images and widgets.


The custom layout style you want

Depending on how you want to present your visually-rich webpages, you can pick and choose the layout styles especially designed for your needs.


The custom look you need

Spoilt for choice with over 70 design templates hand-crafted by the Swiiit team.


Attract more web visitors

Get favoured by top search engines and seen by more visitors.


Mobile sites on the go

Anyone can view your dynamic website anytime, anywhere.


Feature-rich apps

At a click of the mouse, you can create a contact point for customers; get social with visitors; manage events on the calendar; showcase photos; open a discussion and more.


Choose your editors

Assign editors to help manage your website. You can even assign different editors to different webpages. This gives you more control in managing your website.