Discover some of our clients' web designs! Swiiit is the preferred choice for schools in Singapore to manage their websites!
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Discover what our customers have to say about Swiiit!

Good Service

“We found their Web Content Management System is very user-friendly, can be easily configured and quick publishing. 
We would like to thank CommonTown for their prompt attention to every stage on the creation of our new web page, it was a lot of work but they were always in touch trying to solve whatever we suggested on the web page. Best of all, they have a good after-sales and technical support services.”
- Hi-Beau International Pte Ltd

User Friendly

"Overall, Swiiit is really user friendly and the buttons are easy to find. It gives users a lot of control without being too overwhelming for someone with not much web experience."
- Serangoon Secondary School

'As a small business owner, I like to keep things simple and fuss free. It's much easier to manage my own websites with Swiiit and I don't have to go back and forth with my web guy anymore. I started with one website hosted with them. Now I have 5! 2 thumbs up and highly recommended!'
- Chung Tze Khit (Results Personal Training Gold's Gym Personal Training)

Neat Interface

"There were vast differences between Swiiit 2 and Swiiit 3 interfaces. In the past, what we see on the editor may not appear exactly the same on the webpage, once published. However, with the new Swiiit3 interface, whatever we see on the editor is what we get on our webpage, once we published it. The design for the website is clean and neat. We can hide the pages/information that we do not want the public to see. We can also delete photos or uploaded PDF files easily now. The icons, symbols or gallery files available can be useful for editing of our webpages."
- St. Margaret's Primary School